Saturday, 21 September 2013

Robotic arms and assembly conveyor beltP

Long time no post.....well a combination of a long holiday and having to put a new roof on my Kitchen to stop it leaking has slowed things down, but I have virtually finished the Robotic Assembly machine, here are a few pics.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Another thing that has impacted a bit on the project is that I have been setting up a small Pottery business making semi-industrialised Steampunk-ish ceramics (see below).

Adding component parts to mugs

Fully assembled mugs

Small tea pot

 More to follow shortly.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Robot Assemble Machine

I have been working on the assemble machine  recently and have few photos to share....I have used artistic licence and have veered off course from the original design of the robotic arms, but I am please with the results.

Original design sketch

Asssemble Picture 1

Assemble picture 2


Robotic Assemble Arm close-up

Again I have used the split lentil rivet effect on all these set pieces. 

Also I have been getting to grips with some cool static electricity effects in Abobe After Effects.

Chow for know more to follow soon.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Wallpaper, Metallic walls and Tiles

I'm coming to the end of finishing the decoration of the wall panels for the sets but felt I was over due for an update on my blog, so no sooner said I pulled out all the panels into my small lounge and set things up for a little photo shoot to see how close I am to my vision for the film, once all laid out I took the photos and when I reviewed the photos on me PC it was plain to see that in some cases I had surpassed my vision.
Close-up look at the quick set-up and release for the corners of the sets.

Mini room in my small lounge.

Kitchen set-up with comparison storyboard picture.
Bedroom (with door) set-up with comparison storyboard picture.
Bedroom (with bed) set-up with comparison storyboard picture.

Interior spacecraft (1) set-up with comparison storyboard picture.

Interior spacecraft (2) set-up with comparison storyboard picture.
Interior spacecraft (3) set-up with comparison storyboard picture.
Tiles cut to size ready to stick for splash back.

When doing a rough count I calculated that there was about a 1000 riveted lentils that I had measured, marked, glued on then finished with a dark grunged paint effect to add more depth....I must be mad! has it been worth it?....I think so!

Upload blog then back to work......stay tuned more coming soon.

Monday, 22 April 2013

In the Soup with lentils!

Set walls, Set walls, and more set walls!!

I have been working hard trying to get all the set walls built altered  and finished, I previously mentioned about using lentils for a riveted effect on the internal spacecraft walls.......well  I have done 1 and a bit panels (which took forever) and have these made up to a grey primed finish...see picture below.
Inner wall of spacecraft riveted and primed

Large side window looking into space

Entrance into spacecraft sequence

Kitchen door panel and storyboard comparison

Window inset into kitchen wall
I'm very pleased with how the rivets are looking but there are still about 6 more panels to do!! but still unsure of the finish for these panels.
Also have decided on a Julian Clarkes armature for the last puppet which I recieved the other day, more about that soon.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Doors come in all shapes and sizes!

I have been working on some of the internal doors for the sets.

Picture (1) back and front of door from humble kitchen to future space world.

Picture (2) renovation of the Escape pod door......the wife bought a cherry pie from the local Supermarket and the plastic packaging was the perfect size to go on the centre of the door, it had some embossed writing on a few panels so I cut some rectangular bits of hardboard to cover them up.
I then finished the curround super gluing more split lentils for rivets. 

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Staircase video tutorial

This tutorial took me longer to edit than I had expected....condencing about 1 1/2 hr footage down to about 16 mins.
Didn't manage to get it done before my Easter break away but here it is now.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Stairway to success....lets hoping!! (Double Post)

Long time since I built some stairs.....but not to this scale!

I have built a small bottom portion of a staircase to help the narrative of the story.
Painted stairs
Finished staircase angle 1
Finished staircase angle 2
Complete with stair rods

Stair rods made from cut pieces of 2mm Ali armature wire with gold paint.
Due to a previous request I also made a video of the making of the stairs which I hope to get edited and uploaded possible some time next week.

Old sets & rivets

I dragged out the original space craft set from my loft the other day to see how things had fared, things on the whole are looking good.
I have changed and updated things since I first came up with the story so my next job was to see how the set fits in....... it's looking like only a few extra panels to build, that's pleasing but I have decided to go with the riveted look so now that's a lot of work.

The sets will be re-skinned with hardboard before panelling a rivets are attached

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Riveted Panelled Wall

I have been doing a bit of an experiment this week making a test  panel to mimic a steel riveted panel for use on one of the sets.

Again I used split lentils glued with super glue for the rivet effect

The wall was sprayed with matt black with several mist coats of silver on top, I like the effect apart from it is a bit too shiny giving off a glare.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Cleaner/Utility Robot Finished

In my last post I mention that I had been multi - tasking.....well I had been toing and froing between 
making furniture set pieces and building my scratch built Cleaner/Utility Robot all painted and assembled here are the step by step photos below.

From consept to finished puppe

Putting together recycled bits and bobs for robot build
Hands were made of machined hard wood, sculptured fingers made from sculpy bend & bake plus other body parts, grey ridged silicon oven shelve protector tube used for arms over internal aluminium armature (see botttom of picture 2 - 3rd frame) brass K&S square tube has been used at the ends of the aluminium armature plus for joining socket in the body, halved ping pong balls have been used for sholder caps and lentils again have been used for rivets.

Finished Robot with replaceable eyes held on by a magnetic strip 

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Kitchen Bits and New Paint Job

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post and I have been multi - tasking, I have been making bits for the kitchen set Fridge, wall units and finished the new paint job, I have also started making a scratch built robot for the film but more about that soon.

Step by step pictures below

New built wall cuboards

Painted doors

Bending and cutting new handles

Finished hinged wall cupboard
MDF frame of fridge and door

Routering round edges on fridge

White enamel spray job

Sculpy bake and bend fridge handle

Finished Fridge all bar the name/logo

Finished kitchen units and all

More updates soon......