Monday, 22 April 2013

In the Soup with lentils!

Set walls, Set walls, and more set walls!!

I have been working hard trying to get all the set walls built altered  and finished, I previously mentioned about using lentils for a riveted effect on the internal spacecraft walls.......well  I have done 1 and a bit panels (which took forever) and have these made up to a grey primed finish...see picture below.
Inner wall of spacecraft riveted and primed

Large side window looking into space

Entrance into spacecraft sequence

Kitchen door panel and storyboard comparison

Window inset into kitchen wall
I'm very pleased with how the rivets are looking but there are still about 6 more panels to do!! but still unsure of the finish for these panels.
Also have decided on a Julian Clarkes armature for the last puppet which I recieved the other day, more about that soon.


  1. this looks so great!!


  2. Thanks man!....hope you liked the futuristic Sci Fi look I have going on.
    I'm really digging your latest journey/film......reminds me of the films Enemy Mine (Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett Jr) and Hell in the Pacific (Lee Mavin and Toshir Mifune) Oops!I'm showing my age now!