Friday, 8 March 2013

Stairway to success....lets hoping!! (Double Post)

Long time since I built some stairs.....but not to this scale!

I have built a small bottom portion of a staircase to help the narrative of the story.
Painted stairs
Finished staircase angle 1
Finished staircase angle 2
Complete with stair rods

Stair rods made from cut pieces of 2mm Ali armature wire with gold paint.
Due to a previous request I also made a video of the making of the stairs which I hope to get edited and uploaded possible some time next week.

Old sets & rivets

I dragged out the original space craft set from my loft the other day to see how things had fared, things on the whole are looking good.
I have changed and updated things since I first came up with the story so my next job was to see how the set fits in....... it's looking like only a few extra panels to build, that's pleasing but I have decided to go with the riveted look so now that's a lot of work.

The sets will be re-skinned with hardboard before panelling a rivets are attached