Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Cleaner/Utility Robot Finished

In my last post I mention that I had been multi - tasking.....well I had been toing and froing between 
making furniture set pieces and building my scratch built Cleaner/Utility Robot all painted and assembled here are the step by step photos below.

From consept to finished puppe

Putting together recycled bits and bobs for robot build
Hands were made of machined hard wood, sculptured fingers made from sculpy bend & bake plus other body parts, grey ridged silicon oven shelve protector tube used for arms over internal aluminium armature (see botttom of picture 2 - 3rd frame) brass K&S square tube has been used at the ends of the aluminium armature plus for joining socket in the body, halved ping pong balls have been used for sholder caps and lentils again have been used for rivets.

Finished Robot with replaceable eyes held on by a magnetic strip 

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