Sunday, 10 February 2013

Kitchen Bits and New Paint Job

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post and I have been multi - tasking, I have been making bits for the kitchen set Fridge, wall units and finished the new paint job, I have also started making a scratch built robot for the film but more about that soon.

Step by step pictures below

New built wall cuboards

Painted doors

Bending and cutting new handles

Finished hinged wall cupboard
MDF frame of fridge and door

Routering round edges on fridge

White enamel spray job

Sculpy bake and bend fridge handle

Finished Fridge all bar the name/logo

Finished kitchen units and all

More updates soon......


  1. i love this post! wish i could have watched you making them, they look awesome.

  2. Thanks for the comments Mark.... it's all basically only building boxes and painting.
    Heres a construction tip when joining edges of box constructions (butt edges) if you use say 3 small beads of PVA glue along the edges then 2 small drops of super glue inbetween the PVA, when you join the edges together hold firmly for say 30 seconds then the super glue will hold things together untill the PVA glue has dried.