Thursday, 26 April 2012

Hard day's work on the RP

Been busy today printing and testing the Rapid Prototype 

Sorry it's not about my film but it is significent in the world of Stop Motion films.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Film Update

Well I have finished the Animatic edit!! 
Just need to add foley sounds to bring it to life, which I will recording over the next week.......I'm going to record the music score later.
The Animatic came to around 3mins 40sec so with title/credits the film should be around the 4 min mark.

Character design
I have been working on character design this week 
(see image below)

I have also now calibrated the Rapid Prototyper for work and have had reasonable success in printing out a small down loaded mug.
 Looking forward to designing something myself!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

RP Building

I have had the please of building a Rapman 3.1 Rapid Prototyper (3D printer) in my job position as an Art, Design & Technology Technician. 
This is a cool thing to build, but for me what tops it is that these machines are becoming the way forward for many top Stop motion Animation studio's.

The build is finished and I am in the commissioning stage.
At first the main board was not talking to the X Y& Z axes but a few tweak's later and it has burst into action,
Just needs a bit of calibrating before my first test run.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Ball & Socket Test

I put a little Test together using my un-tried ball & socket armature a trial version of stop motion pro 7.5 studio HD plus a borrowed Canon eos 500D, it was a little problematic at first getting the camera talking to the software (could have been user error) but I found the test very successful on the whole.
My old version of stop motion pro version 3.5 had become very unstable which I had felt was down to the large content on my laptop but the the new 7.5 version was steady as a rock and didn,t crash once.
Will have to order a new copy soon.

The hip joint on the armature came loose (un-screwed) so the thread-lock adhesive has a ? hanging over it.

Plus it was my first time using threaded tie-downs, I think I will possible adopt this method in future for keeping my puppets down on terra firma.

I have posted an out put film of all the stored frames below.