Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Old set parts down from the loft

Over last weekend I pulled some of the original set pieces down from the loft, all in all they had fared well over the years.
The table needs one of the legs gluing back also the small kettle handle needs a bit of remedial work doing (more gluing).
I placed a full size cutout of the main character in amongst the set pieces to try for size (looks good to me).

I will still need to do a bit of finalising to the decorating here and there.

Table, chair and props

Bedside cabinet

Bed with pillow and armatured duvet

Gas Cooker with eye level grill


  1. oh my days these props are amazing!! i love the cooker, how have you made it? you should do a video of how you make them, or a pic tutorial. thats one this thats missing on the net, how to make props, plenty of mould making tips, no props!

  2. Sorry for not replying sooner I seemed to have the comments font set to black.....Oops!!

    I didn't take any pic's while making the cooker but it,s just made with small cut panels of MDF glued together with a few bits of cleverly bent wire for the burner stand, a few slotted screws for gas knobs and 4 grey screw cover caps with CD marker pen dots for the gas burners.....oh and a bit of paint here and there.

    Here is a step by step of another project I did a while back you may like just follow link below