Monday, 2 July 2012

Head & Shoulders

My first big test with sculpey 

On previous times using either fimo or sculpey (oven-bake-clay) it has been restricted to very minor small projects and what I had learnt from using the oven bake clay was that I would need a support structure for my head & shoulder sculpt.
I could have used a wire type armature under the sculpt but chose instead to used shaped pieces of styrofoam joined with cocktail sticks.

In the pictures below the sculpt is in 3 stages Armature, first sculpt with key marks (like a golf ball) and then the front & side finished views.
Note I used 10mm white sprayed beads.


First sculpt & bake

Last sculpt (front) finished & baked

Last sculpt (side) finished & baked

In my original drawing of the character I had him with a tuff of hair sticking up at the back of his head but after several trial attempts that all looked like some sort of flower on the back of his head, I came to the executive decision and ditched the tuff of hair.

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