Thursday, 10 January 2013

Spraying Robots and bits and bobs

The spraying of the Robots has commenced and they're nearly finished! For my twin Robots, I must have used 10 or more spray cans! but the finish is starting to looking good now.
The spraying has taken me longer than I had hoped due to bad weather and a nasty lingering cold and my out side air - conditioned spray booth (not weather proof)
The next step in the paint work is to grung it up a bit with some dark acrylic paints to give the Robots some extra looking depth around all the rivets etc before treating them to the final coat of clear spray paint.....looking forward to it.

First Under-coated Robot in the spray booth

Neon blue Robots

 I Sprayed the arms and hands matt black to give them
Sprayed Robot arms

 I have finished the kitchen chairs with a leather effect fabric
Leather effect covered chairs

More news coming soon.

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