Monday, 10 December 2012

Arms a new direction!

After the slight problems I had with the arms I desided to try another idea.

First I cut oblongs pieces of foam then sliced them down the middle, then I cut a recess along the centre line to accept two dowel arm stiffeners that I had previously cut which were all glue in place with fabric glue, I further sniped the foam to make a more round uniform shape.

Then I machine sewed a tube of stretchy fabric together,
next job I squeezed the foam into the fabric tube shape then hand sewed the ends up.
To finish of the arm shapes I rapped wire around a broom handle before twisting the ends together (4 wire rings per arm) these rings I slid over the fabric and sponge arms.

 And to finish off the arms I made an internal Aluminium wire armature with Brass K & S socket ends. 

 (see picture below)


  1. wow hes looking great!! cant wait to see some animation tests. whats the movement like?

  2. The movement is great!.....have got behind with my posts on this blog the hands are done all the rivets on the body are also in place and the robots are being prepped for spraying will try and get another post done tonight.