Monday, 16 April 2012

Ball & Socket Test

I put a little Test together using my un-tried ball & socket armature a trial version of stop motion pro 7.5 studio HD plus a borrowed Canon eos 500D, it was a little problematic at first getting the camera talking to the software (could have been user error) but I found the test very successful on the whole.
My old version of stop motion pro version 3.5 had become very unstable which I had felt was down to the large content on my laptop but the the new 7.5 version was steady as a rock and didn,t crash once.
Will have to order a new copy soon.

The hip joint on the armature came loose (un-screwed) so the thread-lock adhesive has a ? hanging over it.

Plus it was my first time using threaded tie-downs, I think I will possible adopt this method in future for keeping my puppets down on terra firma.

I have posted an out put film of all the stored frames below.

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